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Subaru of San Bernardino Common Service Explainer: Radiator Replacement/ Repair

Subaru Radiator Replacement/ Repair Service

The most important component of your vehicle's cooling system is the radiator. Without it, your engine would rapidly overheat. And since the coolant system of your engine is one of the most important systems on the whole car, you can see why radiator performance is so crucial! Modern radiators are built to last for a decade and often more, but they're made with plastic parts and thin metal components which can bend and crack, reducing its effectiveness. If your engine is overheating, we'll inspect the whole system, including the radiator, to make sure it's working correctly and replace it if that's what's needed to keep your Subaru running like new.

Why is My Car Radiator so Important?

The radiator is typically located in the front of the car, directly behind the front grille. As you drive, air passes across the radiator, carrying heat away from the coolant liquid so that it can be recirculated to the engine and absorb heat there to keep the engine itself running cool. A damaged radiator cannot dissipate heat from the coolant liquid, which is why your engine will overheat if you are in need of a new radiator. There are plenty of other possible reasons for an overheating problem, so be sure to let one of our trained service professionals diagnose your engine for you before you go and have a perfectly good radiator replaced.

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The Typical Lifespan of a Radiator

Radiators are designed to theoretically last the life off the engine, but there are lots of ways they can become damaged or worn. Rust is a concern, as rusted radiators are far less effective at cooling. Fender-benders that may appear to only leave cosmetic damage might crush radiator fins behind the front grille. Finally, sediment and rust particles can collect in the coolant if the system isn't regularly flushed. That particulate can damage your radiator from the inside. It's unlikely to see these issues before the radiator is 10 or more years old - but the only way to know for sure is to have it looked at by our trained service techs.

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Give us a call to consult with one of our maintenance pros and make a service appointment, or schedule an appointment for your vehicle right here on our website. We're conveniently located at 645 Auto Center Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408, where we're proud to serve the Inland Empire from Redlands to Rancho Cucamonga.

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Here in Southern California, a car isn't just important - it's essential. That's why it pays to trust your vehicle to the folks who know it best! And when it comes to Subaru, nobody in the Riverside and San Bernardino area knows Subaru better than the pros at the Subaru of San Bernardino. Our knowledgeable service techs use only Subaru OEM parts, direct from the factory, so every component that goes into your vehicle is of the same quality as the original item that came with your Subaru. Best of all, our competitive pricing means you can even save compared to other service options. Be sure to visit Subaru of San Bernardino for all your auto repair needs!

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