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Subaru of San Bernardino Common Service Explainer: Head Gasket Replacement Service

Subaru Head Gasket Replacement Service

Located deep in the engine and responsible for keeping your combustion chambers free of anything but air, fuel and a spark, the head gasket is a crucial component of your engine. Sometimes, that gasket can fail and begin to leak. When it does, engine oil and coolant can burn up in the combustion chambers - creating smoke, robbing you of performance and causing severe damage to the engine over time. When your head gasket fails, visit our service center to have it fixed correctly.

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Why is Head Gasket Repair so Important?

The head gasket itself is a relatively cheap part. The notoriously high cost of a head gasket repair comes for two reasons, one of which is the cost of labor. In order to replace your head gasket, the engine must be entirely taken apart and rebuilt. That's a time-consuming operation. The other reason is location. The head gasket is located in the deepest part of the engine, and as we're taking your engine apart, other maintenance needs often reveal themselves. A head gasket failure is much more common on high-mileage engines which have already experienced much wear and tear. Parts like belts, hoses, liquid pumps and more that are almost at the end of their service life should be replaced now, when the engine is already disassembled. But here's the good news! Our expert technicians will be able to evaluate the condition of your engine and recommend any other crucial repairs. Once we've finished this repair, you'll essentially have a refurbished engine that's ready to go for tens of thousands more miles or more!

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Give us a call to consult with one of our maintenance pros and make a service appointment, or schedule an appointment for your vehicle right here on our website. We're conveniently located at 645 Auto Center Dr, San Bernardino, CA 92408, where we're proud to serve the Inland Empire from Redlands to Rancho Cucamonga.

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Here in Southern California, a car isn't just important - it's essential. That's why it pays to trust your vehicle to the folks who know it best! And when it comes to Subaru, nobody in the Riverside and San Bernardino area knows Subaru better than the pros at the Subaru of San Bernardino. Our knowledgeable service techs use only Subaru OEM parts, direct from the factory, so every component that goes into your vehicle is of the same quality as the original item that came with your Subaru. Best of all, our competitive pricing means you can even save compared to other service options. Be sure to visit Subaru of San Bernardino for all your auto repair needs!

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