Things to Know About Franchise Oil Change Places

For most Americans, taking care of their car means the occasional trip to the quick lube franchise place for an oil change. We get it -- it's convenient, affordable and fast since there's a location just about everywhere. But are you really getting the best value at chain service stations and independent garages?

At Subaru of San Bernardino, we strive to compete with quick lube oil change places with outstanding value, competitive pricing and unbeatable customer service. Our maintenance experts will take great care of your Subaru. Below, we've compiled four advantages of a dealership oil change compared to the national chains.

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Reason #1: Peace of Mind

Most quick-lube chain locations have only the most basic auto maintenance tools. They're equipped to do simple procedures like oil changes, filter replacements and coolant flushes -- but that's all.

When you bring your Subaru to an authorized Subaru service center, factory-trained technicians with all the diagnostic tools and parts they could possibly need will perform the oil change. But that's not all! They'll also perform a full vehicle inspection so factory-trained experts can catch problem spots early. That's a level of service you just won't get from franchise oil change locations.

Subaru of San Bernardino guarantees OEM quality parts and certified services for you!

Reason #2: Expert Technicians

You can never be too sure about who is working on your vehicle at an independent garage or franchise quick lube chain. By contrast, technicians at an authorized Subaru service center are factory trained and know your Subaru like the back of their hands.

The independent automotive experts at weighed in on the question of where you should take your car to get the oil changed, too. They wrote, "A dealership for your vehicle's brand likely knows your car better than anyone, which means they're unlikely to make any mistakes. For example: I once visited a quick oil change shop with a vehicle that had two oil drain plugs. The shop didn't know about both drain plugs and only opened one -- then filled the car with new oil. The result was a massive oil overfill!"

While such mistakes are certainly uncommon, they're even less likely when you trust the experts.

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Reason #3: OEM Parts and Fluids

Quick: What brand of oil do they use at your local chain quick lube place? Not sure? Neither are we.

When you get your oil changed at a dealership, they'll use OEM fluids and filters. That means the exact same kind of oil that came with your car from the factory goes right back in. Other places may use the correct weight and viscosity of oil, but it might not be the same quality. And a cheap oil filter will become clogged faster and won't filter out as many contaminants. How do you know if they're using a good oil filter when you visit a quick lube chain?

At a Subaru dealership service center, you know exactly what you're getting: quality components hand-picked by the manufacturer to perform correctly on your car.

Reason #4: Subaru Oil Change Coupons

Once again, the independent industry analysts at have some insight into this issue. They said, "Interestingly, one of the primary benefits most people consider -- that dealerships charge more for oil changes -- isn't always true. Since an oil change is such a simple job, most dealerships run fairly competitive rates with most independent shops."

We think that's true here at Subaru of San Bernardino. And we make it worth the trip to our service center from anywhere in the Inland Empire with our service coupons!

Updated monthly, our service coupons give you a great price on common maintenance services, repairs and parts like tires, wiper blades, accessories and more. You can even see right here how our prices compare to the competition! You don't just get more fluff when you visit the Subaru of San Bernardino service center. You really do get more value. Let us prove it to you when it's time for your next oil change!

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