Things to Know About Replacing a Burned-out Fuse from the service professionals at Subaru of San Bernardino

Electrical problems can be a nightmare to diagnose and fix in a modern car. That's because almost every component is controlled by computer, and that means wires of all kinds run all over your vehicle. But when an electrical component in your car fails, checking the fuse box is a great first step. This is something even an amateur can easily check out on their own Subaru. Turn your car off, pop the hood and follow these easy steps to see if you can't get it working again simply by replacing the fuse.

Learn how to safely replace a burned fuse in an emergency!

Step 1: Find the Right Fuse

For this example, let's say your front dome lights have stopped working. Your first step is to figure out which fuse is hooked up to your dome lights, so you can check it.

Modern Subaru cars feature two fuse boxes: one under the hood and one under the driver's side dashboard panel below the steering wheel. Often, there's a small hinged panel you can simply pop open on the driver's side dash to reveal the second fuse box. You'll find a diagram that lets you know what each fuse is hooked up to in your owner's manual, or on the underside of the fuse box cover. You should also find some spare fuses and a fuse puller, too. Simply consult the fuse diagram to see which one hooks up to the front dome lights. Then, using a fuse puller, pliers or tweezers, carefully extract the old fuse.

Learn an easy way to spot a burned fuse!

Step 2: Check the Fuse

Inside the plastic fuse, a V-shaped metal tab can be seen. If the point of the V is gone, then you've just found a blown fuse. If the V shape is intact, that means the fuse has not blown and your electrical problem is somewhere deeper in the vehicle - either in the wiring or, in the case of your dome lights, perhaps the bulbs have burned out.

However, if the metal filament has melted away inside, that means the fuse has blown. A fuse can blow for a variety of reasons, or seemingly no reason at all. At this point, the fuse can be replaced to restore the circuit!

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Step 3: Installing a New Fuse

Check the color and number on the blown fuse you just pulled out. Find a spare fuse of the same color and number. Then, just slide it in the slot occupied by the old fuse, and check the system. If your dome light starts working again, congratulations! You've fixed your very own car (at least for now).

No spare fuses available? You could borrow a fuse from another component just to see if it fixes the problem. If your dome lights still don't turn on with a borrowed fuse in place, you know you have a more serious electrical problem that should be looked at by a professional. Don't forget to return the borrowed fuse, or that component will stop working too!

Step 4: Long-Term Care

The purpose of automotive fuses is to protect delicate electronics. If too much current begins flowing through the circuit (enough that it could damage the electronics), the fuse will blow and interrupt the circuit, protecting fragile components.

That means, when a fuse blows, there could be a malfunction elsewhere in the system that's trying to draw too much power. This can be caused by faulty wiring and electronic accessories that aren't hooked up correctly.

If your dome lights go off again shortly after replacing the fuse, check the fuse again. If the new fuse has blown right away, you can safely assume that there's a bigger issue at play in the electronics of your car. It's best to have a Subaru dealership technician take a close and careful look at your vehicle's electronics.

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