Things to Know About a Blown Fuse

The electrical system in a car is arguably its most complex. In a modern car, there can be more than a mile of wire running all over the place! Computer controlled engines and countless sensors monitor your car at all times to keep you safe - not to mention the electrical power needed to run speakers, climate control and lights.

When a fuse blows in your ride, it might just be a weak fuse. But it's more likely to be an electrical short or other busted component. Even as an amateur, you can take a look at the fuse box to get an idea of what's going wrong and why. These five tips are a great place to begin getting familiar with your car's fuse box.

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Car Fuse Tip #5: What a Blown Fuse Is and Why it Blew

The purpose of an automotive fuse is to protect components on that circuit from electrical surges. If the current on a circuit exceeds the level intended for that circuit, the fuse "blows." That means the metal filament inside will melt and disconnect the circuit - which interrupts the flow of electricity so your electronics are protected. But they'll stop working. Take a close look at the appropriate fuse and make sure the metal connection inside has broken. Otherwise, you have a different electrical problem.

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Car Fuse Tip #4: The Fuse Box Diagram

Most modern cars have at least a couple different fuse boxes. Your owner's manual came with a diagram of each one. You might also find it on the underside of the fuse box cover - It's basically a map of your car's wiring and electronics. So, if you know which electrical part of your car is acting up, you can check the fuse box and find the associated fuse or fuses.

For example: Let's say your right side headlight has given up the ghost. Before doing anything else, find the fuse box and use the provided diagram to locate the right front headlight fuse. Pull it out and check it. If it's still good, you can be relatively confident that your headlight bulb burned out and you'll simply need a new one.

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Car Fuse Tip #3: Fuse Amperage, Color Coded for Your Convenience

Fuses are color coded and feature digits which represent the amperage that fuse is capable of withstanding. Some electrical components need a stronger electrical current than others. If you have a blown fuse, replace it with the same color fuse with the same number on it. If you choose a fuse rated for too little amperage, the signal will overwhelm the new fuse quickly; if you install a fuse rated for too much current, the electrical components downstream could become damaged by excess current! When replacing fuses, be sure to replace them with identical ones.

Car Fuse Tip #2: Fuse Puller Not Required

To extract a fuse from its slot in the fuse box, most cars come with special fuse pullers. They attach easily to a fuse so you can just pull it out - but it's not a necessary tool. A pair of needle-nose pliers or ordinary bathroom tweezers will work just fine. Just pull the fuse straight out and try not to bend the prongs. Easy!

Car Fuse Tip #1: Enlist the Experts

Unless you really know what you're doing, the electronics of a car aren't something to fiddle with. If something has stopped working on your car, it's a good idea to check the fuses to see if one has blown and replace it. That's something most amatures are equipped to do!

That said, if your fuses are all intact, or if the replacement fuses keep blowing, then you've got a more complicated electrical problem. It could be a bad electrical component, a wiring short, a wire that has been severed deep in a wiring harness, or a variety of other problems. When your car's electrical problem exceeds your own abilities, always take your car to an authorized Subaru dealership for electrical work. Nobody knows the electronics of your car better than their technicians, and neighborhood mechanics may take longer and waste your money trying fixes that fail. When it comes to the delicate electronics on your Subaru, factory-trained dealership experts are the ones to turn to for help.

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