Things to Know About Tire Maintenance

The five tips we've gathered for you on this page will help you make the most of your tires. A good set of tires is a good investment! After all, they're they only part of your car that actually makes contact with the road. Naturally, this makes them vitally important to your safety. But they can wear out prematurely if not taken care of, and you'll be paying for a costly replacement set earlier than necessary. Instead, follow these tips below and squeeze every last mile out of your vehicle's tires.

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Tire Maintenance Tip #1: Why Rotate your Tires

You'll want to have the tires on your vehicle rotated periodically, Just like you do with oil changes. This helps them to last longer. To "rotate your tires" means to swap which wheel position each tire is mounted to.

That's because the different wheels on your car experience different stresses. For example, did you know that tires on the right side of your car tend to wear down a little faster than those on the left? In America, we make sharper right-hand turns. In countries with left-hand drive, their left side tires tend to wear quicker.

Rotating your tires helps to spread the wear across the whole surface of the tire, so you get as much life out of each tire as possible.

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Tire Maintenance Tip #2: Repair, don't Replace, your Flat Tire

Did you know that most modern tires can be fixed when you suffer a flat? If your tire suffers a puncture, bring it immediately to our service department and don't drive on the flat tire. While damage to the sidewall cannot be repaired, most puncture damage to the tread of the tire can actually be inexpensively and easily fixed. You won't have to buy a brand-new tire -- we'll send you on your way with the old one that's as good as new instead.

Tire Maintenance Tip #3: Don't Bother with Temporary Tire Sealants

Subaru vehicles come with a temporary spare tire in the event you suffer a flat on the road. Some automakers include a can of tire sealant instead, and they're popular on the aftermarket as well. While tire sealants can work in a pinch, they have significant drawbacks. For one, gobs of tire sealant can be difficult for technicians to remove and can decrease the likelihood of repairing the tire.

We recommend installing the temporary spare and getting the old tire repaired or replaced instead.

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Tire Maintenance Tip #4: Keep your Tires Properly Inflated

Another way that tires wear down unevenly is due to improper inflation. Check your tire pressure periodically and ensure that your tires are inflated to the recommended pressure indicated in your owner's manual. You'll also find the recommended tire pressure printed on a sticker in the driver's door jamb.

When properly inflated, the maximum amount of the tire's surface makes contact with the road -- this is called the "contact patch." A tire that's been under-inflated has a smaller contact patch, and wears down rapidly on the edges. By contrast, a tire that's been over-inflated also has a reduced contact patch, and wears down faster in the very middle.

Tire Maintenance Tip #5: Choose the Best Tires for your Driving Conditions

Here in sunny Southern California, you have a lot of options for which tires to choose. Some tires offer a comfortable, quiet ride or increased fuel economy at the expense of poor-weather performance. Other tires offer added grip when traveling off-road or in icy conditions. In general, a basic all-weather tire will serve you well in any conditions you're likely to encounter in the Inland Empire. You won't need winter tires in our area, but all-weather tires will do the best job at maintaining grip and keeping you from hydroplaning during the odd California rainstorm.

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