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Stay Current on Your Subaru Maintenance with Help from Subaru of San Bernardino

With Subaru's tough construction and dependability, it can appear easy to forget that your vehicle needs regular maintenance, just like any other car. Even if you've just purchased a new SUV, regular maintenance remains essential. We encourage you to get in the habit of maintaining your Subaru so you can enjoy miles of fun driving adventures.

Save Money With Special Offers on Common Auto Services

The oil typically serves as the best place to start, as a properly lubricated engine will perform more efficiently, operate at a lower temperature, and consume less fuel during your Ontario, CA commutes. Oil changes also give you an inexpensive solution to the damage done if you neglect to replace your oil. Subaru's engineers designed its engine and contributed to the suggestions found in your owner's manual for oil types and change intervals, so your manual represents an invaluable resource to consult. Hoses, gaskets, and belts will also need routine replacement to keep your engine at peak performance, and we offer special promotions for each.

Your tires and braking system have quite a bit of overlap in terms of importance when it comes to maintenance. Properly balanced and inflated tires will allow you to travel at higher speeds safely, while properly maintained brakes will help you to stop safely on the roads of Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Never ignore warning signs like soft pressure when you step on the brake, as this could indicate a loss of fluid from the hydraulic lines. Inspections of your struts, shocks, spark plugs, and transmission will also keep it running smoothly, and you can benefit from special savings by using one of our rotating auto service deals.

Schedule Service at Our Subaru Dealership

At Subaru of San Bernardino, we understand exactly what keeps your Subaru at top performance, utilizing factory quality parts and integrating manufacturer recommended practices in every aspect of vehicle care. Each time you leave a maintenance visit, it will feel like driving your new car off the lot for the first time. Our online scheduling tool also makes it simple for you to book service at times that suit your schedule. We proudly offer a rotating selection of Subaru service specials that drivers from the Fontana, CA and Riverside, CA region can utilize to save money at our auto service center. Whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, or another service, check out our selection of special offers for automotive service.

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